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Megan Whitmarsh
Bill Bowers
Stop Men

Ace Lehner

Sheila Klein
NIAD Art Center
Kate Just

Liz Harvey
by Samantha Lyons

Faith Ringgold by Kira Dominguez-Huntgren
Rosie Lee Tompkins

Ryan Carrington
by Amy DiPlacido

Carolina Magis Weinberg

Scarlet Tunkl
Danielle Andress

Select Articles

Maximalism, Camp, Queer Clown Core, & The New Gilded Baroque
Jackie Andrews

Official Frills
Angela Berry

Visually Absurd
Amanda Walters

Seemingly Without End: Our Frictionless Future
Mailee Hung

Social Action Considered
Through the Language of Textiles

Paulina Berczynski



The work aspects of art have been mystified and alienated from their association with work. In this moment of reckoning for labor rights, we address the function of art within the larger labor movement and the fact of labor within art.

The Body

One of the more invisible casualties of the pandemic has been embodied experience. For this issue of the Feral Fabric Journal we contemplate the forgotten experiences of all that is corporeal, haptic, and visceral. From plant time to crip time, contributors consider the roles, regulations, and impressions made by bodies of the past and proposals for the future.


Systems of language create the structures of understanding. They are the vehicles in which we share ideas, and they enable us to relate to one another. But these systems are not inherently neutral. In this issue we will explore the role language plays in creating meaning and identity – how it facilitates grief, humor.

New Utopias

Sci-fi, Fashion, and Imperfection / The Fábrica in Two Realities / Barbershop: The Art of Queer Failure / Police Uniforms Celestial and Terrestrial / A Manifesto for a Less Toxic Tomorrow

Vol. 00

A collection of online essays we put out as we sifted through our interests on the path to understanding what our project was really about.