STOP MEN advocates the silence of all men in any and all positions of leadership, power, and decision making over all people, planetary issues and all living things.

We acknowledge that we are living in a dying, abused and abusive world, that has been led, up until this moment, entirely by men. Men can choose whatever they want in regards to their own person, but all forms of men's opinions and leadership are over. We return the stewardship of land to land protectors. We are moving forward. Stop men includes and encourages your participation. Take up space, take up leadership. Stop men includes giving community meals, self defence, self care, celebrating, identifying, and seeing people's beauty and truest hearts. Stop men encourages engagement as well as non-engagement on the subject of stop men. These clothes are one person's action taken on, spreading the word, participating in identification, seeking new answers, pursuing leadership, and attempting to see people and participate in beauty. These photos are not attempts to perpetuate capitalist culture of branding resource grabbing, and instead aim to provoke creativity in others, and to identify themselves–ourselves–within actions deemed necessary to create a healthier world by any means necessary, as well as to offer a sense of protection. Stop men is extremely serious as well as uplifting, light, and assertive. Stop men is fully and freely within the public domain for any and all usage, including written and spoken expressions. Stop men is yours. You are the leader and director of the next actions to be taken. What future changes and ideals would you like to move us towards? XT

Xara Thustra