Since 2018 Feral Fabric has been leading backpatch, banner, and cape workshops at art institutions and in the community. 

Workshop documentation: Berkeley Art Center

Our workshops look at fabric as a radical tool for communication and continue the Bay Area’s tradition of radical textile production and clothing modification. We see these workshops as part of the lineage of Native Funk and Flash, DIY, Punk, story quilts and political banners. Because of Covid 19, in 2020 we’ve modified our in-person workshops for ZOOM. We’re also using DIY kits that help bring a workshop together virtually.

In our backpatch workshops, we encouraged participants to celebrate their identity and get a little weird using applique and other surface decoration techniques. These workshops have taken place as unsanctioned pop-ups at parks and festivals, at San Francisco’s Sunday Streets, as programming at NIAD and BAMPFA, and at Figment’s decommodified art fair.

As an extension of our backpatch workshops, we also held free banner making workshops at the Oakland Pride Parade, the Oakland May Day Labor march, and at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. At the parade and march, participants made fabric signs, capes, and banners to self-represent, and demonstrate their beliefs and concerns. Participants at our BAMPFA workshop contributed to a community banner around shared values and social change, featuring portraits and quotes of people in their community, plus activists including Janet Mock, Yuri Kochiyama, Ed Roberts, and Bobby Seale.

In 2019 we held a free cape-making workshop in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Inspired by the neighborhood’s history of nonconformity, which persists even today, we wanted to collaborate with residents on a series of capes that reflect that defiant difference. Participants expressed their own style, interests, and concerns in their contributions, and everyone got to pose in front of the prom-style neighborhood banner. The final works combined the interests of a vastly varying demographic in the creation of a surprisingly cohesive series of wearable artworks.

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Ongoing Story Quilt Workshops with Unhoused Community Members

Workshop Documentation: NIAD

Past Workshops
2021    Back Patch Zoom Workshop. SCRAP, SF
2021    Appliqué Workshop. Southern Exposure Youth Advisory Board, SF
Back Patch Zoom Workshop. Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley
2020   Community Banner Workshop. Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley
2019    Back Patch Workshop. NIAD Art Center, Richmond
2019    Community Banner Workshop. Sunday Streets,
             Western Addition, SF
Wearable / Cape Workshop. Sunday Streets, Tenderloin, SF
    Back Patch Workshop. Sunday Streets, Mission District, SF 
2019    May Day Sign Workshop. Frank Ogawa Plaza,  Oakland
2018    Oakland Pride Banner Workshop. Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland
    Back Patch Workshop. Figment : De-Commodified Participatory 
             Art Event, Mosswood Park, Oakland 

2018    Back Patch and Banner Workshop. Berkeley Art Museum