Chicken Coup
As a Latin child from south Tejas,
I adored chickens.
Many of my tios (uncles) and tias (aunts) raised chickens. I was a part of a runway show in 2018, and I wanted the finale look to be a statement of statements. I recall frantically pulling my behind-the-scenes crew to throw the dress on me, and realizing in the moment I didn’t teach anyone how to do so. The wire scratched me all across my back, adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I’m about to go out and then it hits me: I still have to serve. My dearest friend Jose Iniguez throws me the cotton lace western “cock” hat I made during a residency at CTRL+Shift and it lands perfectly atop my head. It was like a switch turned on and I walked out with this wire dress, sleek chrome thigh high heels, and my cock hat, and everyone ate. #leftnocrumbs