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Folsom has had a huge impact in my practice and my life. I learned a lot about myself through this event. I learned: I loved to be watched, I loved all the musky smells during the heat of the day, what play I liked and disliked. I wanted all my Folsom looks to be striking with the intent of viewership and invitation. #consentofcourse

Ms. Leatherette
The Leatherette dress 2015, was my very first Folsom outfit that I designed and crafted. It was a definite “go big or go home” mentality. I never shy away from mixing textures. Material allows me to clash colors, textures, and concepts. I'm all about texture: the sleekness of the vinyl, the rough florette mesh, my smooth body, the hard boning. I wear a red jockstrap to round off my punk- princess-meets-exhibitionist vibe. It’s not about breaking the rules: it's about growing and learning what “rules” make sense for your personal style and aesthetic. To feel comfortable and confident in your second skin. #texturefetish