Mierle Laderman Ukeles with two unidentified workers, Touch Sanitation Performance, 1979-1980

Art has historically been an ideal medium for working through complicated ideas before they become widely accepted by mainstream culture.

And yet, some ideas addressed within the art world never receive the attention they call for. In the spirit of deromanticizing the role of the artist, we have been thinking a lot about art as a job.

The work aspects of art have been mystified over the ages and alienated from their association with labor. Contemporary artists have addressed these ideas for over 50 years to little response. Those concerns have been pondered by textile artists in dialogue about slow labor, but what about the value of work at an average speed of production? In this moment of reckoning for labor rights, let’s address the function of art within the larger labor movement and the fact of labor within art.

For the fifth volume of the Feral Fabric Journal we will consider the expanded role of labor in textile and fiber art.

Volume 5: Labor
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