Photo credit: Ant Farm, Clean Air Pod, 1970

The last few months have made the failings of our society blaringly visible to even the most disconnected and uninformed citizens of the US. From a pandemic that preyed on our most vulnerable, a quarantine that took away integral access to resources, both affecting people of color at a disproportionate rate, to the horrific state sanctioned murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony Mcdade, and Sean Monterrosa, to name just the most recent, this year has demonstrated our need for change. As we demand justice through the dismantling and total rebuild of the structures of our society, what do we want that new society to look like? How will it nourish, support, and lift up its people of color? What are our new visions of utopia?

For the second volume of the Feral Fabric Journal we will think about new utopic ideas in activism and personal and cultural transformation, through the use of fabric, fiber, and radical textile production. What is your vision for our future? Send us your proposal for a blueprint of a new utopia, or share your thoughts about creative utopian visions from the past.

Email with a brief description of your proposal by July 31 (150 words or less). The final article should be between 750-1,500 words. We are offering a small stipend for contributions.

Proposal Deadline: July 31, 2020
Proposal Length: 150 words or less
Response: August 3
Final Article First Draft Due: September 9 
Final Article Length: 750-1,500 words
Returned with Edits: September 16
Final Draft Due: September 23
Publish Date: October 1