Lygia Clark. O eu e o tu  (The I and the you). 1967

One of the more invisible casualties of the endless pandemic year has been embodied experience.

Alongside the rise in popularity of ambient television, dissociation reigns large. Thus, on the cusp of a new vaccinated era of existence, and all the possibilities that might bring, let us celebrate the body! Let us remember the forgotten experiences of all that is corporeal, haptic, and visceral.

For the fourth volume of the Feral Fabric Journal we will look at textile and fiber art that concerns itself with the human form.

Volume 4: The Body
Submit your bodily proposals to with a brief description of your proposal by March 31 (150 words or less). The final article should be between 750-2500 words. We are offering a small stipend for contributions.

Proposal deadline: March 31, 2021 midnight
Proposal Length: 150 words or less
Response: April 7
Final article first draft due: May 15, midnight
Final article length: 750-2500 words
Returned with Edits: May 22 , midnight
Final draft due: May 28, midnight
Publish date: early June