Photo: Diedrick Brackens, the cup is a cloud, 2018

Systems of language create the structures of understanding.

They are the vehicles in which we share ideas, and enable us to relate to one another. But these systems are not inherently neutral. In our next issue we will explore the role language plays in creating meaning and identity, but also, language’s use as a tool for control.

For the third volume of the Feral Fabric Journal we will consider the role fabric has played in facilitating the spread of linguistic systems, as it aids in the creation and the movement of meaning.

Email us at with a brief description of your proposal by October 1 (150 words or less). The final article should be between 750-1,500 words. We are offering a small stipend for contributions. 

Proposal Deadline: October 1st 2020, midnight
Proposal Length: 150 words or less
First Draft Due: November 1
Final Draft Length: 750-1500 words
Final Draft Due: November 20