Current Project Update:
Story Quilts

This page will offer ongoing updates of our current project, a series of story quilt workshops with unhoused communities in the Bay Area. We will share documentation from workshops and images of finishing work we do after the workshops are over. Visit regularly to find out about future workshops and follow along with the project as it proceeds.

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September 15, 2020

We started a Kickstarter! 

We're raising some funds to pay contributors to our journal and put some money towards our Story Quilt Project! We developed some pretty cool rewards and are stoked to see our projects moving forward. Our goal is to raise enough money to fund a whole year of programming for the journal and cover a year of expenses for our story quilt workshops, allowing us to complete our in-progress projects and begin workshops with two more organizations! We made some really cool stuff to sell. Check it out HERE and buy some merch! 

September 4, 2020

We are happy to report that Paulina has received an individual artist grant to work on the Story Quilt Project from the City of Berkeley! We are looking forward to cashing that check and getting back into the full swing of our project again ASAP now that it’s a little safer to meet-up. Also we are thrilled to note that two particpants from our past workshops have secured permanent housing! Congratulations to them and we hope that one day ALL the particpants from ALL the workshops will have suitable housing to fit their needs. Housing is a human right!

May 1, 2020

Our workshops may be shut down, but we have work to do! Here is an embroidery that Amanda finished for Ms Lena from our workshop at the South County Homeless Project. This poem was constructed from the detailed list of image and type specifications Ms Lena offered us. 

Stay at home time = embroidery time

April 18, 2020

Our workshops are currently on pause while we shelter in place. We can’t wait until we can all work together and resume the workshops when this is all over! Until then, we will post updates on the work we get up to on our own, emboidering and finishing patches designed in the past workshops.

Our last workshop at the Here/ There camp on the Berkeley-Oakland border, March 8, 2020.